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one fat chick ISO starving customers. Willing to travel long distances for the "right one".

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tribune article

Photo detailgot some free advertising for hubby too!!!  (sticker in window)

Owner: Lisa Nichols (showing the cleavage)
Website: Fat Chicks Chow Wagon on Facebook, @Fatchickschow on Twitter

Nature of services offered: It’s a mobile food truck that, in addition to lunch, breakfast and snack stops, does catering, parties and other events.

Opened: March 1
Hours: They vary. Nichols runs her own routes, which change, and times are flexible. Fat Chicks uses social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Groupon to announce location, hours and coupons.
Costs: $1.50 to $5
Owner’s experience: Nichols has worked in the restaurant industry off and on since starting as a waitress when she was 13. Her mother cooked her entire life, and Nichols said she learned how to make most of her menu items while hanging out in the kitchen before dinner. Although she doesn’t have a culinary degree, she said she does “have an idea on what people want to eat.” The menu ranges from biscuits with gravy and chicken fried steak to fruit smoothies and Boca burgers. She does casseroles, wraps and salads, too.
Clientele: Anyone who is looking for some fast, affordable food at their convenience, Nichols said. Already, Nichols has “a pretty good after-bar following,” she said.
Origin of name: The name says it all, Nichols said.
Customer appeal: Fat Chicks offers “fresh, down-home, affordable food delivered to your workplace or event,” Nichols said. She wants to bring the big-city food truck concept to Columbia. She can cater for as many as 100 people, and food can be prepared in the truck’s “rolling kitchen.”
Why take the plunge now? Columbia is a diverse community that will acknowledge local businesses that present an edge, Nichols said. Also, many within the student population are accustomed to street food vendors. Gas prices are high, and people do not have enough time or money to go out to eat every day, Nichols said, so her wagon offers a good meal “that will fill you up, not empty your pocket.”

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whiskey Wild loves Fat Chicks!!!

Are you guys ready for some after bar street food?  Whiskey Wild said I can park my ride on their lot!!!  Can't wait.  I think I'm going to try the Clay Cumbie Concert on Friday April 22nd! Fight Night April 29th.  Come on out and see me if you are going to be there!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Well One Month evaluation

Crap this is harder than I thought.  I am looking for an area with an early morning need on Tuesday and Thursday.  Anyone know of some places that work third shift and want some breakfast or lunch delivered????  Well, I know of one, but don't think I am ready to tackle that building.  3M, Square D, and Kraft are out until I can charm them into letting me come in.  Should I give out some free lunch? 

I am afraid to take on the Hot Dog guy downtown, but......maybe a little friendly competition wouldn't hurt. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Food Truck Tips

My first week of food truck business and now realize why we do not have one in Columbia...too much work!  I prep food for two hours to sell food for 1 hour and then clean up for 2 hours.  Even with all this preparation and cleaning I wouldn't change what I am doing for the world.  It is so exciting to pull up to your stop and see people come out of the building and line up for YOUR food.  While on my food truck adventure, I have decided to post food truck tips and funny stories of my happenings from day to day.

My first food truck tip is to secure all food before taking off for the next.  I had a huge crock pot of gravy that had ridden fine for an hour when suddenly while going around a turn the entire crock pot fell off the counter and spilled onto to floor.  Why must it always be the hardest and messiest thing to fall!  I cleaned gravy off the floor for 15 minutes and still couldn't get it all off the floor. 

Unfortunately food truck tip #2 came the same day!  After cleaning the truck from the breakfast route, I was running around to get everything set up for the Bellamy Brothers concert I was going to work.  So, after securing one of the best locations possible, buying signs, groceries, change, gas, etc I was ready to rock and roll.  I came to the truck around 8:00 and anticipating my 500 hungry people, I started making tacos and hot dogs.  I had already placed an order for 10 XLARGE pizzas to be sold around 10:00.  By 9:00, I was ready to sell, but not much action, did a little more cleaning and hanging out until 10:00.  By this time, I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad so decided this would probably be my only chance to get this out of the way.  I walked over to the bar where it was unusually quiet and dead.  The owner said that he had sold over 500 tickets and I was wondering where all the people are.  I went in to the bar and asked when the Bellamy Brothers were going to be on stage,  The door guy broke my heart ...they don't get here until tomorrow!!  Here I am 10 pizzas, 50 hot dogs,, and 15 lbs of taco meat ready to sell,  I decided to go marketing.  Dropped off the pizzas to Whiskey Wild Saloon and while I was cleaning up, I sold three tacos to some lost, drunk college kids looking for a ride.  Sigh